Book Review of "The Not Perfect Hat Club"

Do you ever feel that you just don’t measure up? I have talked to PhD’s who feel that way and it made me wonder why because they have all of the outward trappings of success.  Personally, I struggle with feeling inadequate on a daily basis. It seems that no matter what huge obstacles I have overcome, or what I have accomplished, I am still just not “enough” in my work or in my personal life.

Recently, I had the privilege to be given a chance to read “The Not Perfect Hat Club” written by Jena Ball.  Several times, while reading this book, I felt choked up a little because I completely identified with the children, and yes, even the dogs in the book. Told through the eyes of a former show dog, this kid friendly book is packed with reaffirming messages and gentle reminders that we don’t have to be perfect to be successful. So often, we look at what we have created and compare it to those who are more successful than we are and we feel not good enough.

In my opinion, the advent of social media has provided great opportunities but also has provided another front for people to present a not-so-realistic version of themselves. It is true that we don’t like people to see our flaws, our errors, mistakes or failures, so we present our best “face” at all times. I have often thought of the disservice that this provides to children, people who are struggling, young entrepreneurs and others who have goals, but all they see is the success, not the failures behind the success. Many times, I have reminded people as well as myself that behind the perfect social media mask and public mask, that “successful” people are still flawed with mistakes, failures and struggles and not to think that their life is perfect just because of the public face that they show.

“The Not Perfect Hat Club” is an excellent book for children and adults alike; especially those who like to look down on others like one of the characters in the book who seem to forget that others don’t need to be their version of “perfect” in order to be successful. I would highly recommend that any parent, school and even workplace have this book on hand.

I highly encourage you to get a copy! You can find it here: