How to design your own cinemagraphs

This blog is designed for those who have access to a version of Photoshop that accepts video. Since all of us designers have at least Photoshop, I decided to create this 5 minute tut explaining the simple steps to create cinemagraphs in Photoshop.

Depending on your client's budget and your time allotment, it is often much more cost effective to make your own clips from footage that the client provides or bought for the project than to subscribe to a third party service.

If you've never made these before, be sure to only use footage from tripod mounted video cameras. If the footage is shaky, the video will be all over the place and the end result will seem like an intoxicated unicorn went into a parallel dimension with a Go-Pro.

Here is the short tutorial:

This is a short, basic tutorial on how to create your own Cinemagraph in Adobe Photoshop. ('s my first tutorial ever so send me suggestions on how to improve them!) Video clip from: Sound clip from:

This is on our brand new YouTube channel and my very first tutorial ever so send improvement suggestions or questions my way!

Make sure you post a link to your Cinemagraph in the comments so I can see the end result!