How To Identify Customers for Non-Profits

As a result of the many inquiries, we decided to offer some insight on how to identify customers for non-profits.

One mistake that Non-Profits often make is to identify the recipients of their goodwill as their customers. This is not the case. Non-Profit customers include donors, investors, visitors, corporate sponsors, volunteers and brand ambassadors. These are the prime people who will support and advocate for the organization, which means that they are the customers to reach.

So how do we identify and find these prime customers? Identify a target market is usually the answer to that question. Guess what? Relying solely on target market data won’t get provide the information needed to help the organization reach its optimal growth.

Target market identification generally consists of age, gender, ethnicity, location, income, and educational status among other things. Knowing this information is helpful, but it just isn’t enough.

In order to reach the prime customer, we need to research psycho-graphics. Unlike the hard qualities of a target market, psycho-graphics are soft qualities such as lifestyle, values, personality, attitudes, interests and more.  Using this information, you can get an idea of the person you are trying to market to. 

In the marketing world, the people who have similar lifestyles, attitudes, and values are called a Tribe. Once your tribe is identified, fashion a fictional person within that tribe. Give your persona a name and ask: Where does she shop? What activities does he participate in? What car does she drive? Does he have a pet?  As you answer these questions based on the psycho-graphics, your persona will evolve in front of you. The process is so much fun and gives you a focal point of WHO you are marketing to.

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