7 Important Things to Consider Before Launching a Business

Oftentimes, businesses come to me after they have created a name, domain and business cards, and I love helping them progress from there, but I have seen firsthand the cost of branding based on pretty logos alone. It costs more to rush ahead than it does to take time to invest in your brand with planning and professional help.

I created a little presentation of important things to consider before making a website and getting business cards.

This is from a design and marketing perspective - it does not substitute or count as legal advice

Nearly everything you do with your name, brand and more goes back to two main things: Target Market and Psychographic Data - Everything you do needs to speak to those two things.

Step 1: Choose the Right Name

Step 2: Get Registered

Step 3: Identify Your Target Market

Step 4: Develop Your Brand

Step 5: Brand Focused Graphic Design

Step 6: Marketing Plan Development

STEP 7: Contact Us

This is not legal advice but advice from a branding, design and marketing standpoint. Following these steps will help you start strong and be set up for success right out of the starting gate.