It's both thrilling and overwhelming to start a business. What are logos? What's a vector? What is branding and WHY do I see VistaPrint advertisements everywhere all of a sudden?? What is Snapchat? Instagram? Why do I care what they are? Wait....you mean I can't just put a website up and people will buy? 

These are some questions I hear often and I am here to help guide you through the maze of design, branding, sales funnels, marketing and more! Workshops will come at some point in the future as I am transitioning from production work to consulting in order to help other businesses navigate this maze.

I'm Jen, the owner and founder of That One Creative Studio. This whole adventure began nearly 10 years ago with my love of photography.  I chose to attend school for graphic design since it was compatible with my love of photo manipulation. After earning my Associate and Bachelor of Science, I decided to further my education. I went to graduate school to earn my Master of Fine Arts in Media Design. That course of study encompassed brand development, guerrilla marketing and multimedia production. The guerrilla marketing really fascinated me and spurred the decision to pursue my Master of Science in Internet Marketing. (Can you tell I love to learn?)

I truly love all of these fields of study and they really work seamlessly together to help businesses grow, develop and succeed.  I will work collaboratively with you, explaining each step of the process, in order to bring your visions to reality. I am truly invested in YOUR success and will do all that we can to ensure your growth.

Serving clients worldwide. 

*Google Analytics Certified

*Google AdWords Certified

*Google Search Advertising Certified

*Google Digital Sales - Passed

*Google Mobile Sites Certified

Google Video Marketing Certified